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  • Entrepreneur Lifestyles

    7 videos

    Check Out the Way These Entrepreneurs Live.

  • Who is Alina Estella.

    1 video

    She's picky. She's famous. She definitely seems to be going through a lot.

  • Music
    2 videos


    2 videos

    Music From Project Forward Creators Paired up with unique footage to inspire you with aesthetics.

  • Kinyo and Mr. Composition Live @ the Street Indie Music Festival 2018

    1 video

    The Show Produced by R&B Singer Chris Delaney and His Label was Kicked off by Kinyo and Mr. Composition.

  • #ProjectForward Original

    2 seasons

    Profiling Unique Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Community Members

  • Aminah Dece - A Story of Progress

    1 video

    Aminah Dece is an Educator and and Artist. Her Journey Became a Template to Save Lives. Witness the Story of Aminah Dece and the Creation of Progress Studios.

  • expansion
    1 season


    1 season

    These artists and entrepreneurs believe that travel is part of their next unlock. Follow them around the world and around it again and again.

  • Behind GET
    1 season

    Behind GET

    1 season

    It's a War to get millennials to vote, and in South Texas that war is fought by Lauren Browning and her team of media Vigilantes

  • Districts
    1 season


    1 season

    Communities of Entrepreneurs and Artists. LIVE. IN THE FLESH. #ProjectForward dives deep into community.

  • Go Live with Kinyo

    2 seasons

  • Influence Hour
    0 seasons

    Influence Hour

    0 seasons

  • Lamar
    0 seasons


    0 seasons

    When a young perfromer discovers that he is a special descendant of a race of elite "world guiders" he also discovers his life won't be the same, and that he may never be alone again.

  • idea. parties.
    1 season

    idea. parties.

    1 season

  • Hashtag Goals
    0 seasons

    Hashtag Goals

    0 seasons

    #Goals. Millennials want it all, what does it really look like to chase for your dream life. Kinyo and Danielle dive into relationships, travel, work, balance, fitness, friendships, and all the other goals millenials are striving to perfect.

  • Exploring Korean Culture with Beni

    2 seasons

    Beni, a Nigerian, Explores the Korean Culture Around Her.